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The United Arab Emirates Dirham is the currency in United Arab Emirates (AE, ARE, UAE). The symbol for AED can be written Dh, and Dhs. The United Arab Emirates Dirham is divided into 100 fils. The exchange rate for the United Arab Emirates Dirham was last updated on May 22, 2015 from The International Monetary Fund. The AED conversion factor has 6 significant digits.

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United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) United Arab Emirates

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Wonderful site. How did I manage without this all these days

MM Ali

Amazing site, I do a lot of travelling, so it is very usefull. Dont know how I managed without it. Wont get ripped off anymore.


This rate of currancy is exellent. But there was no icluding TURKEY (YTL) rate.

Hadi Erkisi
very nice

amazing site but one remarks it should be swap convert for all countries exchante-rates not only AED ..........cause when ever i try to convert from saudi riyals to india rupees it is not working.

shafeeq ur rahman - old city - hyderabad

coin reads bank indonesia 100 1973, rvpian

great help whenever needed

it is the best site existing at the moment.true friend indeed as it helps in time of our need.but are the banks in u.a.e.follow these rates when transfering the funds outside u.a.e.they should.
asad usmani.

asad usmani pakistan
superb job

one of the fastest response with accurate information

najeeb abu dhabi
this is good!

sir, i may not see it but can you include the effective conversion date.

for example...
the currencies above are effective this date so that we may be more confident in our conversion...

this is only a suggestion if its okay with you..

nick santos, credit analyst, bpi family bank
Superb Site

great website, u think it gives u the result.

Zahurul Hasan
Really a useful site

Good job done.


i had sum money and exchanged it i was happy yay!


mind blowing site,really usefull for FOREX traders like us.

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so easy - superb

its made such a difficult job of conversion of currencies to so easy with just a press of button.

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Very good

It's easy and accurate site.

nice one

very feasible method


Amazing I got my answers on all options of currency in one shot , its really helpfull ...
Thanks I did bookmark immediatly to this site ..... for future use.

All in one roof

This currency converter is really good to have for all multinational companies.

We all appreciate if the above conversion table info gives as of to date latest market rates.

Suresh. K
i cant belive

just sitting at home we can know the currency rates.its just wonderfull

useful web site for students

I surprised! Its looks like a magic click! Yes, if we select any country currency and click it, then the converted equal currency value of other worldwide countries are displaying on single page is amazing.

This is very good reference page for all school and college students. We can keep print this page when and ever required for our class room study reference as well.

We are enjoying with this web-site.
Thanks a lot for the creator

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Really superb!!!

It is really super and very usefull

Super Fantastic

This is really helpfull.

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Jayadeep- Sharjah

You really saved me!

good job, but...

this service is really cool, but as a Turkish citizen, i am expecting to see conversion for Turkish currency(YTL).

Ayhan Gungor
awesome !

I have a suggestion too..
Instead of just do the conversion from Dirhams, Y dont you provide an option to select the Currency which need to get converted...

Biju nambiar

really i got the solution of my problem like this can't believe awesome!

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Great Work


How simple can one get,it works wonders

This very easy for all peoples

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What a Great Work! FINE Sir,

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ITS flexible and easy to access as it gives the total one page.Thanks

Sapan Kumar Palai Export/Import Division

Making life easy!


it's great to have all the currency conversion with only one enter.

Excellent Job!

Really a great job, saving so much time. Further, I can't resist myself from appreciating this.

Wonderful site !

Wonderful site ! really helps you since I travel a lot

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It is very useful.... Thanks a lot.

Prashil Mahe
Excellent info.........

This is good site to see the Dinar value in my country value Rupee..... Thanks

Ashok ...............

great work to whoever did this site.. they missed out the turkey currency other thn tht everythin is good.. not everything is perfect i guess :P..


This is really good. Saved me so much headache.

Sam Some
Stupendous! Ngai baba!

If this is what you give free, I wonder just how unbelievable it is you sell! Don't stop and let us know what else you're up to.

Kariuki wa Ndung'u
you guys rock!

you guys rock! thxs for this site


Really nice....

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Manivel M
very quick!

This site was very interesting in working out the current exchange rate for taxation in Dubai, I highly recommend it as it is quick and easy to use.

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You Are Here to Help

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its is good to get all the convertion rate at one click but the main prob i face is how to get print out of all the converted data.....

Solanki Nitin

im a pilot for emirates and i travel to dubai every week so its good for my pay check and money

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