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This Indian Rupee and Japanese Yen convertor is up to date with exchange rates from July 26, 2016.

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The Indian Rupee is the currency in India (IN, IND). The Japanese Yen is the currency in Japan (JP, JPN, JAP). The symbol for INR can be written Rs, IRs, and ₨. The symbol for JPY can be written ¥. The Indian Rupee is divided into 100 paise. The Japanese Yen is divided into 100 sen. The exchange rate for the Indian Rupee was last updated on July 25, 2016 from The International Monetary Fund. The exchange rate for the Japanese Yen was last updated on July 26, 2016 from The International Monetary Fund. The INR conversion factor has 6 significant digits. The JPY conversion factor has 6 significant digits. Large amounts of Rupees are expressed in lakh rupees or crore rupees. A Lakh Rupee is one hundred thousand rupees and a crore rupee is ten million rupees.

50.0 78
100.0 156
200.0 311
500.0 778
1000.0 1555
2000.0 3111
5000.0 7777
10,000.0 15,553
20,000.0 31,107
50,000.0 77,766
100,000.0 155,533
200,000.0 311,065
500,000.0 777,664
1,000,000.0 1,555,327
2,000,000.0 3,110,655
5,000,000.0 7,776,637
10,000,000.0 15,553,274
INR rate
July 25, 2016
100 64.3
200 128.6
500 321.5
1000 643.0
2000 1285.9
5000 3214.8
10,000 6429.5
20,000 12,859.0
50,000 32,147.6
100,000 64,295.1
200,000 128,590.3
500,000 321,475.7
1,000,000 642,951.4
2,000,000 1,285,902.9
5,000,000 3,214,757.2
10,000,000 6,429,514.3
20,000,000 12,859,028.7
JPY rate
July 26, 2016

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