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This Canadian Dollar and Jamaican Dollar convertor is up to date with exchange rates from January 16, 2021.

Enter the amount to be converted in the box to the left of Canadian Dollar. Use "Swap currencies" to make Jamaican Dollar the default currency. Click on Jamaican Dollars or Canadian Dollars to convert between that currency and all other currencies.

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The Canadian Dollar is the currency in Canada (CA, CAN). The Jamaican Dollar is the currency in Jamaica (JM, JAM). The symbol for CAD can be written Can$. The symbol for JMD can be written J$. The Canadian Dollar is divided into 100 cents. The Jamaican Dollar is divided into 100 cents. The exchange rate for the Canadian Dollar was last updated on January 14, 2021 from The International Monetary Fund. The exchange rate for the Jamaican Dollar was last updated on January 16, 2021 from Yahoo Finance. The CAD conversion factor has 6 significant digits. The JMD conversion factor has 5 significant digits.

1.00 113.13
2.00 226.26
5.00 565.64
10.00 1131.29
20.00 2262.57
50.00 5656.43
100.00 11,312.86
200.00 22,625.73
500.00 56,564.32
1000.00 113,128.64
2000.00 226,257.28
5000.00 565,643.21
10,000.00 1,131,286.42
20,000.00 2,262,572.84
50,000.00 5,656,432.11
100,000.00 11,312,864.22
200,000.00 22,625,728.45
CAD rate
January 14, 2021
100.00 0.88
200.00 1.77
500.00 4.42
1000.00 8.84
2000.00 17.68
5000.00 44.20
10,000.00 88.39
20,000.00 176.79
50,000.00 441.97
100,000.00 883.95
200,000.00 1767.90
500,000.00 4419.75
1,000,000.00 8839.49
2,000,000.00 17,678.99
5,000,000.00 44,197.47
10,000,000.00 88,394.94
20,000,000.00 176,789.89
JMD rate
January 16, 2021

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very helpful !!

I love the page I am arriving in Jamaica on some what of a budget so it is a very useful site to have. I was unable to convert to jamaican dollars on any other sites, this is an excellent site!


I bookmarked it!


We found a dollar at work (someone thought it had been a dime) When we went to see how much it was worth we were blown away. It's only worth 2 cents WOW
Glad to have found this site.
Later days

real easy

i am plannign to go to a school in canada and wanted to find how much i needed to buget it was easy just time the amount and press convert and voila!! i had the exact amount. this a great site easy to use and has all the info you need